In Coach Evelyne's School, you will find courses and special projects to elevate your vibrations, find joy and remember who you are!

You will play with archetypes, paint, and the sacred feminine.

My name is Evelyne Verret, aka “Coach Evelyne”, and I am an Intentional Creativity® coach. I am that gentle Guide who will powerfully lead you on the path to transformation with grace, love and ease. I’ve been told that my “charming” French Canadian accent will reassure you as you plunge head-first into discovering new wonders about yourself.

When you work with me, you will use your :

- Canvas or watercolor paper as an alchemical container... where any emotions, challenges, beliefs and traumas can land safely.

Paintbrushes, sharpies and pens... to do some excavation.  

- Paint... to allow new perspectives and insights to come through.

- Glitter... to express light in many forms.  

Start with my free offering, Big Heart Medicine - 5 daily painting meditation to drop into your heart and shift your spirits through creativity

"This class (Moving Through Loss and Grief) with Evelyne helped me face some of my biggest fears and taught me to look for the skills and tools I have as well as ways to build more resilience by listening and being open." 

- Elon Cameron, MSTOM

"I took away a better understanding of my inner voice and the beginnings of listening to her. I enjoyed the process of the painting. The steps to create my inner queen, the creativity of the day, defining what my Queen is and how to find her. I liked how Coach Evelyne quietly directed us as a group and individuals."